Girl Power Up


This logotype was generated as part of a brand- and concept-development project centered around a fictional nonprofit. The brand was built from the ground-up, including development of the organization’s name, mission statement, and programming.


Girl Power Up was created due to widespread sexism in the gaming community. We are dedicated to creating a safe space for women gamers, and working to promote equality in esports.



The typeface used in the logo is Eveleth Clean Regular. The typeface was chosen for its bold stroke weight and its geometric strength partnered with soft, rounded corners to convey empowerment and institutional confidence without the aggression or masculinity often associated with more sharply geometric forms. The Girl Power Up brand uses Eveleth Clean Regular and Eveleth Clean Thin as header fonts, and the Open Sans typeface for body copy.

Primary Palette

The Girl Power Up brand utilizes colors that are easily recognized as feminine, while the darker value projects strength and authority.

The palettes used by Girl Power Up are divided into a stroke color, two gradient colors, and the GPU standard white.

CMYK: 68, 80, 30, 13
RGB: 99, 71, 115
Hex: #634773

Gradient 1
CMYK: 62, 96, 0, 0
RGB: 124, 51, 147
Hex: #7C3393

Gradient 2
CMYK: 14, 34, 0, 0
RGB: 212, 173, 209
Hex: #D4ADD1

Standard white
CMYK: 8, 5, 5, 0
RGB: 232, 233, 234
Hex: #E8E9EA

Logo Development

Initial Explorations

IconLettermark    Shield (Basic)


Concept Refinement

Shield (Rounded)Shield (SciFi)


Final and Color

Final (B/W)Final (Color)


Alternate Designs

Each gaming league within the Girl Power Up organization has a unique color palette to set it apart from the broader brand and facilitate ease of use for gamers with various interests.


Sample Collateral

Business Cards

Business Card Mockups


Tshirt Mockup