Services & Rates

Twitch overlays

You have roughly 15 seconds to convince new viewers to stick around, premium graphics help form a good first impression.

$100 Basic brand + single overlay

I will develop the basic branding elements needed to design overlays, including font selection and 1–2 colors, along with a single overlay screen for use with streaming software. Includes two revisions.

$40 Intermission screens

I will design a set of screens for pre-roll, breaks, and stream ends so you can keep your audience updated with the state of your stream without sacrificing quality. Pre-roll screens give your viewers time to show up without missing any of the action, while break and ending screens keep the entertainment experience consistent throughout the broadcast. Includes one revision.

$25 Additional screens

Are you a variety streamer that plays lots of games? Once the main elements are established, I can develop additional overlays that fit various games' interfaces. Includes one revision.


+$90/item Animation

Animation can help elements pop, and bring an extra layer of polish that marks you as a cut above the rest.

+$50 Additional revisions

Want the option of asking for more changes? I'll give the design an extra pass.

+$25/item Panel headers

I'll interpret your base branding elements into a set of engaging panel headers for your channel.



Whether you’re a content creator or a brick-and mortar business, your brand defines how consumers view and interact with your business.

$320 Basic logo

I will design a logo that represents your unique brand identity. I will utilize an iterative process that rejects trite convention to uncover symbolism that resonates with your audience. Final deliverables will include a logotype, a branding font, and, where applicable, accompanying icons and branding colors. Includes thumbnail sketches and two rounds of revisions.

$450 Premium logo

Expanding on my basic identity design process, I will go the extra mile to develop a brand that resonates across nationalities and sets you apart from the competition. Includes thumbnail sketches and two rounds of revisions.

$1,100 Full-service branding

My most in-depth branding package. I will develop a full brand from the ground up: logo, typefaces, branding colors for screen and print, brand guidelines manual, and up to 5 hours of direct hands-on brand strategy consultation. Includes thumbnail sketches and three rounds of revision.


+$125 Competitive analysis

In addition to techniques used in all my design projects, I'll integrate advanced market research to carry your brand as far as it can go.

Included in the full-service package

+$200 Regionalization

Does your brand cater to an international audience? I will put in additional time to make sure the design communicates across boarders.

Included in the full-service and premium packages

+$160 Brand manual

Does your organization work with a wide variety of creatives? I'll put together a brand standards manual that you can use to present your brand consistently across multiple platforms — regardless of how many people you're working with.

Included in the full-service package

+$50 Additional revisions

Want the option of asking for more changes? I'll give the design an extra pass.



Fictional cartography breathes life into the worlds you’ve worked so hard to create, and adds that final layer of polish for your audience.

$250 Custom region/world map

I will paint a detailed map of a fictional world or region that you've defined. Give me a rough sketch (MS paint is fine!) or even just your notes, and I'll turn them into a beautiful illustration that gives life to your setting.


+$40 Map labels

I will typeset the names of locations you select on the map.

+$80 Custom location markers

I will design a set of 1–3 icons to mark locations on the map.


*all prices are estimates, and rates may vary based on project details