For Glory, For The Divine

The elemental uprising in Dun-Simmic has been utterly destroyed by imperial forces this Ahnday. In these past weeks, elementals engaged in the criminal enterprise of rebellion struck a chord of utter terror in the hearts of Dun-Simmic’s proud people, setting fire to imperial offices, shattering roadways, and otherwise disrupting the lives of the whole city. The Manifest Fleet arrived in the fair city Galday and swiftly brought an end to the unrest.

When asked to comment, Grand Admiral Molakai Kent said “The Empire doesn’t abide traitors within our borders. To any considering such action: your insurrection is a betrayal to your fellows, and shows a weakness of loyalty that cannot survive the scouring flames of the Manifest Fleet.”

The mayor of Dun-Simmic, Perotesh, was unfortunately killed during the recent acts of terrorism. However, the city holds its head high with pride as it turns to Imperial Governor Clementine Darrowshire for civic guidance in these trying times. “While I grieve for the lives lost in these senseless attacks,” Darrowshire spoke before a crowd after the Manifest Fleet’s victory on Ahnday, “I look forward to working with all of you to rebuild this city into a symbol of the Empire’s eminent glory.”

The atmosphere of the city, once afraid, has turned now to one of triumph and great patriotism, and it is the opinion of this reporter that Dun-Simmic’s future, under the gentle guidance of its new leadership, is brighter now than it has ever been before.