A Storm Is Coming

Reports continue to roll in of the nefarious actions of Constance Stormheart. Imprisoned in Sutter Gaol after her lawless spree following the Battle of Dun-Terra, the cruel Stormheart has rained terror upon the Empire’s citizens from behind bars.

Aaron Percy of Little Winchester writes “Stormheart’s men raided my shipments last month! They slaughtered the whole crew! Those silks were worth thousands of coin, and now I have to recoup those losses! Who’s going to pay me back? The Empire? I don’t think so!” While Percy was arrested shortly after writing, his words are echoed by many others.

Laurel White of New Providence writes “My husband left me for that harlot! Thirteen years I give him and this is what I get in return? That godless harpy deserves far worse than what she’ll get at Sutter. It’s only a matter of time before her sins catch up with her.”

Patrice Montaigne of Crystal Harbor writes “We haven’t received reinforcements for the guards we lost last month. Is that Stormheart’s doing? Did she kill them on their way? Did she intercept our request? Maybe she recruited them to join her misfit crew? She’s in prison, not some yacht, and yet she’s done all these things? I suppose she’s some kind of god. She single-handedly won the Battle of Dun-Terra then turned against the Empire in the most flagrant betrayal our nation has ever seen. She’s the reason my arthritis is flaring up as I write this letter. I’m disgusted. This whole situation makes me sick.”